Friday, 13 November 2009

wot i did yesteday

The pillowcase is finished!

I chose a pillowcase because its an old one I have slept on since I was at college dreaming of getting into artschool back in 2006.
It has all the stains of red hairdye and carrys alot of history.
Now im somewhere I am happy and want to pass the pillowcase over to new meaning and ideas.
I wanted to commemorate the fact the course is getting shut down, and an obvious thing to do (especily with the 11th/11th coming up) with war memorials and death lists was to write the names of all the first and second years.
The last of what I feel is a dying breed.
The names are overlapped making it difficult to read, the first years overlapping the second.
All the colours look like its already fading.
It looks like it has been changed by many generations, like the exhobition at the childhood meuseum (V+A).

I personlanly think it works realy well and enjoyed making it.

started a tiny wee 40p canvas

primed mi canvas
aye it is ment to be yellow

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