Wednesday, 18 November 2009

set ups etc

For palmsest, I wanted to look at backs of heads (hair) becuse your hair is constantly renewing, and we spend a fortune looking after it even though we dont have to.
hair has alot to do with identity.
Girls especlly cover over there natural haircoulour and change there hair constantly.
Change of hair, change of lifestyle/culture/identity.

Shoes are similar in this respect.
Zareen said when I was taking her photo
"these have alot of history"
Bought for £50 dragged through shit, you leave your mark on them then replace them. A constant loop.

This was the set up in "the cupboard" so all the shops were similar.
Got the idea kind of from the zaberwitz collection.

On other news:
The bedsheet inside out

Trying acrylic painting.
Was looking at when doing it

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