Sunday, 15 March 2009

more drugs

Drawing with drugs.
brand names written in drugs


Drawing on drugs?

Im pretty sure most folks have done this at art school.
Drug taking and creativity seem to have a connection all through history.
Wonder what famous art pieces/ songs/ etc wouldnt have been made if it want for drugs.

Henri Michaux, 'Mescaline Drawing' (1956-58)
Henri Michaux, 'Mescaline Drawing' (1956-58)

Elles 1896
Henri Toulouse Lautrec

Robert Gober

I like hios play on words in regards to the body as much as the pieces themselves.

Janine Antoni

I like all he other works. But I like these best.
Connects back to idolising the body.
Want to reerch the things we attach to the body to create culture.

Dominic Wilcox

Saturday, 14 March 2009

It takes all types of people

to fill a city
Flanegan Fotografia

Hong Hao

collects all his things and photo documents them.

and this guy

Darren Soh
documents amazing things
you should check his libary sceries out.

this guy

captures amazing movement.


comic book culture

body as idol

people idolise certain lifestyles and themselves to a certain extent.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Noel Clueit

anya triestram

Thursday, 5 March 2009

this has nothing to do with anything

I just adore - Joakim Eskildsen photos

this is for the essay

Culture as people veiw us

we all have our identifiers

First haircut

The first haircut for a human has special significance in certain cultures and religions. It can be considered a rite of passage or a milestone.

this graph

is meant to explain it all :s


Can we be almost summed up culturaly by one thing?

a haristyle?

a tattoo?

Fish and Chips?

have we all become the steriotype.
Is it possible to strip this back?