Tuesday, 20 January 2009

things I have done today and yesterday


its not very clear, beause I didnt have the appropriate gear.
Spur of the moment thing.

it says something along the lines of

-you know if you pressed against this glass hard enough it would break.
it would fall into glasgow along with a bit of you.

its seems more interesting than reading this note.-



As most of the art school is gloomy as fook
quite a feww folk wander along here dilibrately just to have some sunlight
or brightness
or some vitiman D
especily if you go the way that you have to go through that horrible dark corridor.

It says
-Hey kids
sunshine (finally!)



after watching people goign in and out
and counting the numbers
and taking note of which way they went
most people went left

most people ignore almost all the signs at GSA
especily the ones telling them noit to do things
so this was a social experiment of sorts.
Which proved true.

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  1. wondered why you were interested in me walking down the stairs. x