Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Reserch photos

this is such a strange dead feeling bit of the mac.
one of the few places it feels like a museum rather than a school

The stairwells are odd.
You never realy feel alone.
or intimdated by them, even though they have all the markers of being able to be both.

some parts get left to go a bit wild

And you get unusuall veiws sometimes.
im not sure macintosh realy thought about that

Oh yes.
I found out what is in some of thouse locked cupboards.
Tiled sink rooms.
That have kettles.
And tea

Moody hallways on the top floor.
More impressive than the other floors.

One of the few places you get the sun.
Aslo it seems to have extream weather.

Uneven floorboards make my day

Its interesting the amount of wee cubby holes.
places to hide a bit.

rediculously grandeous doorways every so often

Some colour?! Actual colour

Wee shabby bits, they rrealy should not restore these, it adds a bit of charicter.

We do love our bits of paper and signs

Pirate tresure?

Veritcal stripes some more

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