Saturday, 17 January 2009

ok ok

Been looking at last years first year blogs.
Even thats interesting,
just to see that they were looking at exactly the same stuff.
But one year ago.

Like ghost imprints.

Yes this is bringing out my stalker side.

- going to follow a first year student, why are they going there?, what are they actualy doing? (because i am a lost child, and often wonder where felow students are off scurrying)

- Spend the day in the recepion area. how many people go in and out of the doors? Gonna keep a count.

- gonna go up to folk and ask them what they are daydreaming about. I feel alot of daydreaming happens in the mac. I mean it is meant to be a place of creativity.
Is this true?
gonna document date/time/place/name/what they are actualy doing/meant to be doing/photo evidence.

- go on the mac tour. what does the outside world think the building is for?

- also find out from the reception hall which way folk go. Left or right. Up or down.
Maybe take things from there

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