Thursday, 5 March 2009

fixed cultural identity

What is culture?
The dictornary says this

culture (WAY OF LIFE)
noun [C or U]
the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time:
youth/working-class culture
She's studying modern Japanese language and culture.
See also subculture.

relating to the habits, traditions and beliefs of a society:
The USA is often accused of cultural imperialism.
Australia has its own cultural identity, which is very different from that of Britain.
cultural diversity/differences
cultural heritage (= ways of living and thinking that have existed for a long time in a society)

a culturally diverse society

culture (ART)
noun [U]
music, art, theatre, literature, etc:
You won't find much culture in this sleepy little town, I'm afraid!
popular culture (= the books, music, etc. liked by most people)


relating to music, art, theatre, literature, etc:
cultural activities
a cultural centre (= a place with a lot of museums, theatres, etc.)
a cultural desert/wasteland (= a place without museums, theatres, etc.)

describes someone who has had a good education and knows a lot about art, music, literature, etc.

noun [C or U]
a way of life and a set of ideas that are completely different from those accepted by most of society, or the group of people who live this way

The only problem appears to be that culture isnt fixed.

It belnds into other cultures, and seems far to easy to wipe out in certain instances.

Trends and cultures tend to go hand in hand, especily in youth culture and student culture. This toy, this top, changes every week but is essential to the cultures survival.

Religon and culture seems to have a corrolation in many countrys. But even religion people can reject. But we all fit into at least one culture.

If you were born in the west and raised here, you tend to have a western veiwpoint. But there will always be exceptions to this rule.

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